Fee’s for Services

We accept Cash, Credit Cards, and Money Orders


Therapy Cost
1 Hour Individual Session $125
1 Hour Family Session $125
1 Hour Couples Session $125


Evaluations Costs
Alcohol and Drug $125
*Mental Health $200
Life Skills $125
Shoplifting $125
Divorce & Custody Care $300
Immigration (cost determined at first appointment) $500-$1000
Rush Evaluation (completed before 5 business days) $200
Evaluation at Detention Center (price determined by distance) $300-$600
Alcohol & Drug Evals for Out of State Charges $300
 *Price excludes divorce/custody evaluations and immigration evaluations  


Group Sessions Cost
1 Hour of Group $30.00
2 Hours of Group $60.00
3 Hours of Group $90.00
Group attendees must have had an evaluation at Price Counseling Center or have sent an evaluation from another facility and been approved prior to attending group.

Drug Testing

Please reference our drug testing tab for pricing.

Services need to be paid and full at the time of the appointment/group. If you need a letter written detailing your progress, you MUST have a balance of 0 for that letter to be written.

To schedule an appointment, call 770-479-5501

*price excludes divorce/custody evaluations, Mental Health Evaluations, and Immigration Evaluations.