Evaluation FAQ

Do I have to pay for my evaluation the day I meet with the counselor?

Yes. The counselor will not start working on your evaluation until the bill has been paid in full. Most reports take 5-10 business days to complete. The first business day does not begin until the evaluation has been fully paid for. 

Will my lawyer/probation officer/pre-trial diversion officer/employer get a copy?

If you have approved them on the written release of information form and have asked that they receive a copy, we can send them the evaluation. If they are not listed, we would not be able to send them one due to your HIPAA rights. The only people that you list will be the only people that will get a copy.

Can I get my evaluation in Spanish?

Yes. When you make your appointment, let our office know that you will need a Spanish interpreter and we will arrange for him to be there. 

I got my evaluation done a year ago, does that still count?

Evaluations expire after six months. If you were recommended treatment and did not start that treatment within six months of having your evaluation conducted, you will need to be re-evaluated. 

I got new charges, can I still use the same evaluation?

No. New charges/arrests mean that there is new information and a new evaluation will need to be conducted.

I got an Anger Evaluation but I really needed a Mental Health Evaluation. Can you just change the title of the evaluation?

No. Each evaluation is unique and cannot be interchanged. The individual would need to be re-evaluated for a different evaluation if it is needed.

Do you do Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP)?

No, we do not conduct FVIP at our facility. We do conduct anger evaluations and anger management treatment.

But I don’t think I need treatment. Do I have to get an evaluation?

If you were told to complete an evaluation, the evaluation must be conducted. We base our treatment recommendations on the use of a mixture of screening tools and in person interviews. Therefore, those will need to be completed before we determine if a person needs further treatment. 

I lied in my evaluation or left out a few charges. That’s no big deal right?

The evaluation is based on self report, meaning that we are relying on you being an accurate source of information. If the information you give the evaluator is false or only tells a part of the story, it calls in to question all other statements. It is very important that you tell the truth!

Can I use my evaluation for my divorce case if I originally got it for an arrest?

An evaluation based on custody or divorce is a very different matter and has different expectations afterward. The pricing is different because of the amount of complications and time that often go into evaluations for divorce cases versus evaluations for arrests. They are not to be used interchangeably.