Most people who experience trauma don’t even recognize it as such. Trauma can look like the more classic examples: war, a natural disaster, experiencing a life threatening situation or sexual assault. But trauma can also come from a car accident, abuse or neglect as a child, domestic violence, and so much more. Grief and loss can be very traumatic as well. Experiencing trauma can leave us feeling on edge, anxious, depressed, out of control, and hypervigilant. This can effect the people around us in negative ways as well. The longer we try to push these symptoms down and don’t deal with them, often the worse they get. 

Going through counseling related to trauma can help control triggers and take away the power this incident or traumatic event has on your life. 

Price Counseling Center is the leading provider for trauma in the Cherokee County area, providing treatment to first responders after potentially traumatic events. These services can be provided to anyone who wants help dealing with the trauma they have experienced. 

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