Dr. Juan Quintinilla

Specializes in: Substance Abuse, Depression, Anxiety, Relationships

Dr. Juan Quintinilla joined the staff at Price Counseling Center in May 2010.   A graduate of  Asbury Theological  Seminary . He received his Master  Divinity in  May 1985. He got his Doctorate in Ministry  from Columbia Theological Seminary May 2008 from Columbia  Theological  Juan has been certified anger management counselor since  2008. He is a  pastoral  counselor  who is fluent in Spanish and English. He did his counseling studies with Link Counseling Center in Atlanta 2008-2011. Internship at Care and Counseling Center Georgia.  Juan specializes in Alcohol and Drug Evaluations, Anger Evaluations, individual and family counseling.  Juan also offers Extreme Hardship Evaluations for patients facing deportation due to legal issues.

I believe that it takes great strength to reach out and take that first step to seek out guidance and support. I approach counseling as a journey, which requires understanding, empathy, and a nonjudgmental stance. I aim to shape my treatment style around your specific needs. I assist in helping you develop a healthy well-being, coping skills, and a strong sense of self. My main therapeutic approach is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I utilize techniques found in Adlerian, Gestalt, Positive psychology, Narrative, and Mindfulness. I believe that everyone has the potential to grow and heal and that many of us have difficulty in reaching that potential without a little guidance, support, and encouragement. 

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