Price Sober Living

Our sister company, Price Sober Living, has opened a sober living residence to serve adult men who are in need of a structured environment to further their path to recovery. The applicant must be fully committed to sobriety and must be capable physically, financially, and emotionally to take the next step.

Our main interest is to provide treatment that is both effective and long lasting. In order to provide the most effective treatment the mental, physical, and social needs of the client are to be addressed. Addiction is not only characterized by the habitual and uncontrollable use of harmful chemical substances but also the maladaptive patterns in both the social and mental health aspects of a person’s life. Entering into recovery for a lifetime hinges upon addressing and altering these self-destructive behaviors.

Price Sober Living is not in the business of providing enough treatment that the person can return to recreational use of controlled substances. In order for one to fully recover, he has to make a commitment for life towards staying sober. Any short term or recreational use will bring about a return of the problems and compulsions that caused him to be addicted in the first place. We believe that addiction is something that can be treated and that achieving sobriety for the rest of one’s life is an achievable goal. Therefore, our treatment is focused on lifetime sobriety.

The treatment of addiction is not something we at PSL take lightly; we are dedicated to your recovery and expect the same from you. Without an investment on both the client and the treatment provider’s part in the client’s recovery and the social and mental health issues intermingled with it, true breakthroughs do not happen.

If you are interested in learning more about Price Sober Living’s residential facility and taking your next step to recovery, please visit our website, Price Sober living or call Price Counseling Center and ask to speak to our Residential Facilitator, Emma Price, L.M.S.W